Sharing is the Core

Fun to play is the thing we familiar with since we were children. Fun to achieve something is the tale we learn when we became mature. We always got, we always gave many time on the past in someway and then we notice. After many experiments, many interactions, and many journeys we know that the life is fun and its still always fun when we share magic moment with the others. Our group is diversity and we proud about it. To keep this ideal strong we also present the diversity of the activities that's fun for all.


UX Day

For the season, every 3 month we will have the event for all. Powered by friendship and support by visionary, there are many that make this event very entertain and informative.


UX Night

Not just the academic part, the day we work hard then the night we enjoy and hangout. The invitation send to everyone every month, so let's get the party start.


UX Course

Free for all and also very limited. Our course provide the realistic experience for user experience working process which support by our friends who very excellent in this career